NCWAG Delegation Will Attend CSRD Meeting Nov 15, 2018

A request to fund a feasibility study to do work in the creek is coming before the CSRD on Thursday, November 15. NCWAG is sending a delegation to speak to the issue at 11 AM, at the CSRD offices; 555 Harbourfront Drive NE, Salmon Arm.

Our presentation contends that…

Newsome Creek is presenting very real and dangerous issues for the residents in the Sorrento-Notch Hill area. The catchments area extends from the southern mountainside north down the escarpment en route to Shuswap Lake. Historically there have not really been major problems. However, since the fire on the mountainside in 2009, and especially since the spring freshets of 2017 and 2018, Newsome Creek has generated major concerns especially north of the TCH. The impact of erosion along the banks of the ravine north of the highway threatens property, homes, buildings, roads, lake quality, and potentially, even life and limb. Left unchecked it may become costly disaster. The matter needs attention now.