NCWAG Meets With Greg Kyllo and Paul Demenok

NCWAG continued to meet with government officials on November 13, 2018.

MLA Greg Kyllo updated the group about efforts he has made to bring issues forward to Minister Farnworth and Minister Donaldson to find solutions about getting work done on Newsome Creek. It appears new policy has been brought in that could make funds available to cover ‘imminent risk for immediate damage’. A meeting with MoTI,  FLNRORD and other concerned government bodies could be in the works once the current session is done.

Paul Demenok updated about efforts the CSRD has made keep provincial ministers informed. The CSRD has formally requested to meet with the province. Letters were sent at the end of October. Director Demenok stated the CSRD is ready to meet with the province as soon as possible.