For The Record – latest at the top

2019-January-28: NEWSOME CREEK EROSION MITIGATION STUDY – Proposal for Engineering Services – This document outlines what the engineering company Kerr Wood Leidal will include in their Proposal for the mitigation work in the creek. Its not the final study, just an outline of what will be in the study.

2018-October-6: Geotechnical Final Report – Westrek Geotechnical’s Final Report report issued 5 months after the 2018 event.

2018-October-9: Danger Tree Report – A report identifying trees that pose a danger to people and property with recommendations for removal.

2017-May-26: KLW Emergency Site Assessment – Initial report done just after the Highway 1 erosion occurred… “The fallen trees may be removed to reduce the debris from directing flow to the right bank. It may be possible to move sediment using hand tools from the centre of the channel to the side to direct flow away from the bank.”