For The Record – latest at the top

2018-December-28: Email Response from Paul Rasmussen, Assistant Deputy Minister, South Area – Minister Rasmussen acknowledges the dangerous situation in the creek. He directs residents, and the CSRD, to apply elsewhere for funding.

2018-December-20: Letter from CSRD to Minister Wilkinson, Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Gaurd – Request for help from the Federal Government, and an appeal to get involved in problem solving regarding the status of the creek.

2018-December-6: Letter from NCWAG to Okanagan Shuswap District Manager Steve Sirett – Letter informing Mr. Sirett of the situation regarding road contractor not having enough resources, and a request for the costs of watershed related road work in the last two years.

2018-November-28: Letter to Minister Donaldson from CSRD Board Chair – This letter is a formal request from the CSRD for the Province of BC to get involved in Newsome Creek by funding a study and completing work prior to the 2019 Spring freshet… “This study would identify long term mitigation works required to stabilize the creek banks in the lower reaches of Newsome Creek, and identify what short term mitigation could be constructed before the 2019 spring freshet.”

2018-October-31: Letter From NCWAG to Minister Donaldson

2018-October-31: Letter From NCWAG to Minister Farnworth

2018-October-31: Letter From NCWAG to Minister Trevena

2018-October-31: Letter From NCWAG to Premiere Horgan

These letters state the urgent nature of the work that needs to be done in Newsome Creek, and they request that the ministers meet with NCWAG as soon as possible… “We are writing to make an urgent request that you, personally, attend on site of Newsome Creek with the affected landowners. It is necessary, quite frankly, for your personal intervention because the various levels of government, and the various departments within government, are not offering practical solutions to this dire situation…”

2018-June-1: Letter to Director Demenok re Newsome Creek Area C CSRD (response) – Gerry McDougal’s response to Director Demenok’s request for FLNRORD participation in mitigating problems in Newsome Creek.  Mr McDougal states, “British Columbia has no legislation or policy that mandates any individual, entity or level of government to undertake hazard mitigation.”

2018-May-3: Letter From Area C Director Paul Demenok to FLNRORD Minister Doug Donaldson – Director Demenok states, “We need an immediate plan of action developed by engineers to manage the current waterflow , to repair the damage done, and to mitigate future risks over time.”