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To ensure repairs are done to properties, roads and water resources in the Sorrento area of British Columbia by advocating for quality watershed management.

Engineer's Assessment Of Newsome Creek Due In April

Kerr, Wood, Leidal Consulting Engineers have been retained to do an engineers report on the creek below Highway 1. An estimated completion date of the report is mid-April, according the CSRD. 

London Lane
London Lane
Dilworth Road
Dilworth Road
Caen Road
Caen Road
Dieppe Road
Dieppe Road
Dieppe Road
Dieppe Road
Shuswap Lake Silt Build Up

The migitation work recommended by the report will still need to be funded, which will be the next step in the process. The CSRD will work on funding applications as soon as the recommendations are in, hoping to secure funds for the work to begin in 2020. Read more about what happened at the community meeting in January.

What We Learned At The Community Meeting

2019 Jan 22 Community Meeting

On January 22 a group of government and community representatives met at Sorrento Memorial Hall to share information about issues in Newsome Creek. Ten speakers and 81 community members explored what’s happening with Sorrento’s water system, plans to fix the culverts up and down the creek, effects of the wlid fire in 2009, and re-forestation. … Read more

Next Meeting

Tuesday, February 19, 6:30 PM
Sorrento Centre – Map


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Since the forest fires of 2009 the Newsome Creek Watershed has been under stresses that are resulting in damage to valuable community assets. The provincial Government has jurisdiction over the waterways, but they’re slow to take responsibility for the events that are unfolding in Sorrento and Notch Hill.


Newsome Creek is a complex situation with a lot of moving parts. You can find detailed information below in our Background Articles, but if you’re just getting up to speed, here’s a quick primer. … Read more

Background Articles

Dieppe Road Washout

Dieppe Road Along the lakefront in Sorrento Dieppe Road washed out early in May 2018. The undersized culvert and excessive amounts of debris caused a back up that spilled over … Read more

Property Damage 2

Below Highway 1 an Evacuation Alert was placed on thirteen properties in May 2018. Rapid erosion has undercut the creek banks and put homes and people in danger. The Evacuation … Read more

Newsome Creek Entering Shuswap Lake

Sorrento’s water system is routinely under Boil Water Advisory in the Spring freshet. The water intake is located near the mouth of Newsome Creek which deposits large amounts of silts … Read more


What We Learned At The Community Meeting

On January 22 a group of government and community representatives met at Sorrento Memorial Hall to share information about issues in Newsome Creek. Ten speakers and 81 community members explored … Read more

Funds Approved for Work Plan in Newsome Creek

2019 has started on a positive note. At our meeting on January 8 we received word that we’ve secured funding for engineers to do an assessment of Newsome Creek below … Read more

Community Meeting – Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019, 6:30pm – Sorrento Memorial Hall

CSRD in partnership with NCWAG are hosting a community meeting on January 22, 2019 at 6:30 pm, held upstairs at Sorrento Memorial Hall. The purpose of the meeting is to … Read more

NCWAG Gets Support From CSRD

A delegation of thirteen attended the Nov, 15 Columbia Shuswap Regional Distrtict Board Meeting seeking support from the board for addressing erosion in the creek. Director Demenok introduced the item … Read more

In The News

Global News Report
October 22, 2018

Watch this report about property damage to residents on Caen Road

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About The Watershed


Google EarthTM imagery showing the estimated Newsome Creek watershed (red line) looking southeast.

Newsome Creek Watershed covers the area south of Sorrento coming down from Black Mountain where the 2009 wildfire occurred. The creek has a number of tributaries that merge in the Notch Hill area. Eventually it forms a single creek running along Notch Hill Road crossing under Dilworth Road, the Trans-Canada Highway and Dieppe Road. Newsome Creek Erosion Report describes it this way … Continue reading about wildfire and logging activity in the watershed…