Washed Out Roads

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has said they plan to replace all the culverts along Newsome Creek, perhaps as early as fall 2019. The primary reason is the culverts are all undersized for the amount of water that has been coming off the mountain since the forest fires of 2009.

Dieppe Road

Along the lakefront in Sorrento Dieppe Road washed out early in May 2018. The undersized culvert and excessive amounts of debris caused a back up that spilled over the road on a Sunday evening. By Monday morning the road washed out. Crews attempted to clear the culvert but the flow was too quick.

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Dilworth Road

Dilworth Repair Nov 5, 2018
Dilworth Repair Nov 5, 2018

The crossing at Dilworth Road underwent repairs throughout the summer and well into October 2018. The deeper culvert under the road has frequently clogged with debris so an overflow culvert was added higher up. It is approximately 4 metres above the lower culvert. This appears to be an interim measure while the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure waits to replace it with a larger one. The creek has carved a deeper channel over the summer, and cracks have appeared at the shoulder of the road.

Taylor Road

Newsome Creek below Taylor Road Nov 5, 2018
Below Taylor Road Nov 5, 2018

Further up Notch Hill there was another washout at Taylor Road in May 2018. More debris and high volumes of water coming off the watershed likely contributed to the road failure. The creek bed was altered considerably, and trees have fallen left and right along the creek, running below the road.

CP Rail is reportedly having problems in the same area as water seeps under the rail bed.

Trans-Canada Highway

The culvert under the TCH has not washed out, but it is closely monitored by MoTI for debris backup. However, the culvert is undersized and its shooting water into the creek wall below the highway causing rapid erosion, as documented in the KWL report. Click here to see all the reports.

There are problems at each road crossing along the creek; Taylor, Dilworth, TCH, and Dieppe.