Canada Infrastructure Program – Rural and Northern Communities Grant Denied

At our October 5th meeting we learned that funding through the Canada Infrastructure Program – Rural and Northern Communities Grant has been denied. Director Demenok and Derek Sutherland of the CSRD shared feedback on the application process.

Derek Sutherland contacted the granting program where officials stated there was an over-abundance of applications, nine times the amount of applications to funding. Newsome Creek was one of the bigger requests which would have concentrated funding on fewer projects.

Director Paul Demenok stated he remains optimistic that more grants will be coming online in light of the damage experienced across the province in the summer of 2021. In fact the CSRD has submitted another application to the Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund – Infrastructure Canada to fund repairs to the creek.

Going forward there may be a need to improve the quality of the assessment report that is included with the funding applications. For the previous grants we have been relying on a “Class D” assessment which isn’t as detailed as the grant programs seem to want. Director Demenok stated that CSRD will be able to contribute funds toward a more detailed “Class C” assessment that can outline the specific work needed throughout the creek.

Provincially, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) has indicated to Director Demenok that they are interested in supporting future applications. MoTI was disappointed the Rural and Northern Communities grant was denied because their work at Highway 1 is connected with the creek. MoTI’s support will strengthen any applications made in the future.

Culvert at Dieppe Road
Dieppe Road – flood damage in 2018

Lastly, work has stalled on the culvert at Dieppe Road, by the lake. The undersized twin culvert has not been replaced. It appears MoTI would like to do both Highway 1 an Dieppe Road at the same time.