Erosion Report – September 18, 2019

Over the course on the summer (of 2019) Westrek Geotechnical Services Ltd. continued to monitor Newsome Creek. The report includes information on snow pack levels, monitoring results of specific properties, as well as recommendations going forward.

In early April 2019, an increase in erosion along the Newsome Creek gully immediately below Highway 1 was noted by the public and workers carrying out field survey work. Upon receipt of this information, the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) placed the properties along the gully on Evacuation Alert and asked Westrek Geotechnical Services Ltd. (Westrek) to continue with the monitoring program that had been established in 2018. The work was authorized by Tom Hansen, Emergency Program Coordinator for the CSRD, via EAF 2019-01 dated April 5, 2019. This report provides a summary of the 2019 monitoring program…

Read the Report here: Newsome Creek – 2019 Erosion Monitoring 018-073