CSRD Applies For a Second Grant to Fix Problems in Newsome Creek

At the December 10th CSRD Regular Board Meeting a motion came before the board to support another grant application targeting Adaptation, Resilience and Disaster Mitigation Program. This is a new fund just created.

The BC Government website describes the scope of the program…

“Canada and B.C. governments are investing up to $56.25 million in this Adaptation, Resilience & Disaster Mitigation (ARDM) intake to support infrastructure projects in communities across the province.

This intake of ARDM is administered as part of the newly developed COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream (CVRIS) under the broader Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP). The focus of this program is to fund structural and natural infrastructure projects that address the impacts of flooding and flood-related hazards up to a value of up to ten-million dollars ($10,000,000). The program targets shovel-ready projects that have a construction start date of no later than September 30, 2021, and that can be completed by December 31, 2021, or by December 31, 2022 in remote communities.”

CSRD minutes item 10.2 “Adaptation, Resilience and Disaster Mitigation Program Grant Application Report from Derek Sutherland, Team Leader, Protective Services, dated December 1, 2020.

Moved By Director Eliason Seconded By Director Demenok THAT: the Board empower the authorized signatories to submit an application for grant funding to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program – COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream – Adaptation, Resilience and Disaster Mitigation Program to a maximum amount of $6,312,198 representing 100% of the total eligible costs for flood erosion mitigation work and infrastructure along Newsome Creek in the community of Sorrento, this 10th day of December, 2020; AND THAT: the Board supports the project and is committed to the provision of in-house contributions to support overall grant and project management.

Discussion on the Motion: Chair comment that it is unusual to apply for two separate grants for the same project, as Board had supported a different request in November. CAO said this is a separate funding stream; adding that this granting program aligns more to the project, maybe greater likelihood for approval. Director Demenok said this funding program lines up with the needs of the request as opposed to the previous grant application.”

The motion was carried.

We’ll see what happens with the grant applications and keep you posted when we hear the results.